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This 2640 square foot stage has a high 12’ lighting grid and has a 180 degree Infinity Cyc. 


12’ High

40’ x 28’

Daily Rental Fee also includes:

A Stage Manager


Green room

Dressing Room

Production Office

Soundstage Rental In Burbank

Launchpad Studios is equipped with a 2640 square foot soundstage in Burbank has a high 12’ lighting grid and has a 180-degree Infinity Cyclorama. The cyc is 12’ high and 40’ x 28’

Our Production Studio is equipped with over 600 amps of power for any lighting situation.

Our Cyclorama can be used for a variety of purposes including but not limited to television and film, broadcast media, photography and virtual reality studios.  In still photography, the advantage of a cyc background is the ability to make your background virtually 'disappear,' which leaves open a multitude of possibilities for lighting and allows whatever product you are shooting to take center stage.  In television, film and broadcast media, whether you are shooting a commercial, a news piece or filming a video, our cyclorama background can provide a plethora of possibilities.

If you choose to shoot your next project at Launchpad Studios you will also have access to our wide variety of grip and electric gear. Production equipment such as: camera support, lighting, studio carts, grip, electrical, and more.

Launchpad Studios has lighting and grip equipment available to those who rent the space. We have lighting and grip gear, power distribution, grip trucks, expendables and more for your productions. Lighting and lighting support includes HMI, tungsten, cable and distribution, dimming, LED, kino florescent lighting and more.

Launchpad Studios is a full service sound stage in Burbank and rental of the facility not only gives you access to the 2640 square foot stage with a high 12’ lighting grid and a 180 degree Infinity Cyclorama but also all of the grip and electric gear, Wifi on site, a stage manager, parking, dressing room, production office and bathroom.

Our grip equipment is also available for rental a la carte and our grip equipment include, grip stands, overheads and flags, parallels, frames, grip carts, ladders, pipe, cloth inventory and more.

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